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              Message From His Excellency Ministry of Industry Minister

On behalf of the ministry of industry it is my great pleasure to convey message. Ethiopia is one of the nations rich in its natural resource and the most populous in east Africa. Besides this Ethiopia is one of the fastest economic growths in Africa. For, this great attainment the designed strong polices and strategies played the decisive role.Among the designed polices and strategies structural transformation from agriculture led economy to industry led economy is one of it. This structural transformation has great value in speeding up the growth of Ethiopia's economy.

Though the country accomplished the first growth and transformation plan in success, it is undeniable that during the implementation of the first growth and transformation limited achievements were made with manufacturing sector. These limited achievements need to be solved in the second growth and transformation plan.Now we have already launched GTP Two, which is going to be implemented in the coming five years. This plan is a decisive point to reach the lower level of middle income countries in 2025.   Read more



Olanna  Frigorifco Boran foods will launch to export meat products after a few months.

Olanna  Frigorifco Boran foods is  established   at Adami Tullu on area of 75 hectare with in initial capital of 75 million dollar. The construction took more than two years according to the general manager Mr. vijay dongare. The slaughter house will be able to produce 3000 cattle and 5000 sheep and goats per day according to the general manager. The slaughter house comprises bovine processing plant, lairages buildings, ovine processing plant, amenity building, cold room, boiler room and rendering plant he added.

Even though the construction is performed in a good manner, the general manager told there are some bottle necks which hinder the construction of the slaughter house like holdup of civil contract and lack of currency.  According to the speech of the general manager there is a plan to train workers on job training. This is also a good opportunity for the technology transformation strategy that the country desires to perform.

After the completion of this slaughter house the country will earn 1 million dollar per day and this is an opportunity to earn foreign currency Mr. vijay dongare added.   Finally the general manager needs a valuable support from the Ethiopian government to accomplish the construction of PLC. 



The Prime Minister laid  corner stone for the establishment of Bure integrated agro- processing industrial park in southwest of Amahara regional state on February 2,20 17. 

The government has planned to transfer from agriculture led economy to industrial led economy. For this attainment the Ethiopian government has intent to build integrated agro- processing industrial parks in four regions namely Tigrai, Amhara, Oromia and SNNP.

To launch this corner stone laid at Bure on the presence of his Excellency Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Read more


7th Ethio - Turkey investment and Business Forum Held at Sharaten Addis

Officials of Ethiopia and Turkey signed five agreements in a bid to beast the growing trade and investment ties between the two countries.  Both sides agreed to mutual cooperating in the fields of energy, mining and hydrocarbon the agreement.

Ethio - Turkey investment and Business Forum

Turkey will cooperate with the relevant Ethiopian institutions to upgrade their skill sets in geothermal and coal field surveys. Turkey also agreed to provide technical support build the capacity of Ethiopia's small and medium enterprises. And both sides agreed to strengthen the technical and capacity building cooperation between the ministry of Industry of Ethiopia and the ministry of Economies productivity, competitiveness and expert capacity.

Finlay the two countries also agreed to enhance their efforts to promote their products in each other's market, establish a sustained mechanism for the exchange of trade and investment information, and narrow trade balances.